October 2018: A strong warm wind falls on the Northern Italian Alps, being quite unusual for that time – immediately joined by heavy rains. It would seem to be a summer storm, but in the fall. The wind and rain are relentless, with wind speeds reaching 217km/h – a hurricane force! Damage assessments count 14 million trees felled and a local population depleted of their natural resources. FEB31st visits the area and helps establish a new supply chain in accordance with the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and launches the Vaia collection, a new series of frames made entirely of the fallen trees’ wood.

These frames are made entirely of the Vaia Storm trees – accomplished with the desire to help the local population, the spirit to restore the forest and the hope to heal the wounds of nature. Each unique FEB31st Storm Vaia frame is handcrafted to preserve natural authenticity. Manufactured in the least impactful way possible, we feel it is important to show this wood grain in its natural form. The scratches and scars on the frames are a reminder to us of the devastating power of nature.