Ancient Kauri is a unique material with an amazing beauty and intriguing history. It is commonly regarded as the oldest wood available in the world. Ancient Kauri had been buried underground preserved in the peat swamps of New Zealand for over 48000 years until it’s recent discovery.

The Ancient Kauri has an incredible beauty, the grain and tones of the wood are lovely, and it has a powerful shimmering iridescence. The golden glow of Ancient Kauri is simply stunning and illustrates that this is no ordinary timber but something quite special. It makes anything built from Ancient Kauri more like a precious jewel.

We bring you our most luxurious eyewear created from Ancient New Zealand Kauri wood dating back over 48000 years to the end of the last Ice Age.

It is rare to find an exotic material that is made available through environmentally friendly methods. Ancient Kauri is the most exotic wood in the world, it’s an extremely old growth timber, but not one tree was cut down to harvest it. All the trees fell thousands of years ago by natural forces, and one certainty is that there is a very limited amount of Ancient Kauri left on the planet.

FEB31ST & FEB SHADES present the Kauri 48000 and bring you the opportunity to own a piece of eyewear history.