FEB31st Bespoke Eyewear_About Us

FEB31st offers an almost limitless range of possibilities when customizing your spectacle frame. Dozens of colors and woodgrains can be combined and layered to create a truly unique product. The ability to specify nearly any size, temple length and colorway will help you create a frame that is just as unique as you. Having this level of freedom to create while doing so sustainably and in harmony with our planet is our core mission.


Following a cubist inspiration, different varieties of wood or grain can be blocked together, visually breaking down your FEB31st either vertically or horizontally. The results can be as vibrant or as subtle as you desire.


In 2022 we’ve elevated our colorblock concept to create the wordblock. Whether it be lyrics, vows or just something that is personal to you, we will help you create a frame that truly ‘speaks’ your message to the world through your eyes.